Why Me?

My Background

I have a combined 8 years experience in the accounting and finance industry.  My early job history includes income tax preparation and freelance currency trading.  But, most of my experience came from managing an investment subsidiary division of a non-profit healthcare organization.  (Even in the non-profit world, profitable investments are always welcome!)

My background, surprisingly, involved daily interactions with department directors, corporate executives, outside auditors, and contracted consultants.

I have a strong ability to communicate technical knowledge to a wide range of audiences.  I prepared monthly management discussion briefs and periodic board meeting materials because I always deliver what they need on time.  I can explain in simple language what most in my profession cannot.

What does this mean for your company?

Quality relationships are vital to the success of any organization.  Developing trust strengthens client retention and increases the rate of client referral.

I write marketing materials that nurture relationships with your clients and prospects. Using my professional expertise, I motivate your audience to take action.

I invite you to take a look at my Services Page to see how I can help your company's marketing efforts.