Financial products are complex…your White Paper doesn’t have to be.

Financial products and services are tough to explain…period.   It’s ironic because everyone deals with money on a daily basis, but financial products can be the most difficult to explain. Go figure.

If your experience with white papers is similar to textbook reading, I promise you there's a better way.

Whether your white paper needs to be:

  • Introductory (to educate prospects who are perhaps unfamiliar with your product line)
  • Informative (to help prospects understand a topic that are aware of, but don’t fully understand)
  • Innovative (to show your “expert” prospects a new and better way)

I can translate your company’s financial product and service line into written words that help convert prospects into customers.

Why me?

I specialize in the B2B and Financial Services industry so you don’t waste your time with a writer who needs to “catch up” with the conversation.

Not only do I have 8 years in the financial industry, I spent the bulk of my time communicating complex financial transactions to the top decision makers. Between preparing monthly management discussion briefs and translating financial information, I became the 'liaison' between numbers and words.

After spending the last 2 years involved on the buyer side, I realized the lack of quality written communications.

Combined with the explosion in content marketing in the last decade, I am capitalizing on the obvious need for strong, well-written marketing communications for B2B companies.

If your company can benefit from professional white papers, go to the Contact Page or email/call me directly.