What to Expect

To give you an idea of how we can start working together, I put together this Frequently Asked Questions page.  It is designed to provide a framework for getting your copywriting project completed as soon as possible.

  • "So, I've contacted you about your services.  Now what?"
    • We will schedule an initial phone conversation to discuss the size and scope of your copywriting needs.  I have a list of prepared questions I can send to guide the conversation.  The purpose is to get a better understanding of both your company and its marketing objectives.


  • "What needs to happen so that you can start the project?"
    • Here is the general timeline:  I will draft a proposal based on the project outline we discuss and send for review.  If you accept, I will send you a Project Terms of Agreement form.  This needs to be signed and returned to me along with a 50% deposit before I begin working on the project.
    • Of course, I can sign any agreements and contracts provided by your company.  This step depends on your company's policies.


  • "What are your rates?"
    • I quote all project on a flat-fee basis.  In my experience, this is mutually beneficial for both of us.  Once I have a better understanding of your company and it marketing objectives, I can provide you with a detailed fee schedule.  While I'm not the cheapest copywriter you can find, I'm not the most expensive either.


  • "How can I get started?"
    • At the top you will find my email and phone number.  Or you can click here to fill out the Contact Form directly through the web site.  No matter which way to decide to reach out, I will respond to your request promptly.  I look forward to speaking with you.