E-Newsletters / Email Marketing

Let me ask you this…who is your best client?  It isn’t necessarily the one that is your largest source of revenue.

Your best client is the one more likely to refer you to friends and colleagues.  Think about it for a moment:

  • One-time clients more likely become repeat clients.
  • Repeat clients turn into strong sources of referrals.

Let’s use an example.

Your company landed a new client recently, Acme Manufacturing Inc.  The president of the company, Joe Watson, retained your tax services.  His growing company couldn’t handle the annual tax filing in-house anymore.  He hired a number of people in the last few years and the expertise required to properly file C-Corps was beyond the company's ability.  So Joe retains your services to prepare Acme’s tax return.  In the process, you add Joe’s email address to your e-newsletter distribution.

A few months later, you get a call from Joe asking about tax credits for manufacturing companies.  It happened to be the current month’s e-newsletter topic.  Joe’s interested in learning if it applies to his company.  You assure him that the recent filing of Acme included substantial credits for equipment he purchased last year.  Joe explains that he didn’t think Acme Manufacturing had done that in the past.  You offer to review prior year returns.  He retains your services again to make any amendments.

E-newsletters let your clients know about other services you provide…services that could save them a lot of money.

Your firm finds that Joe’s company wasn’t taking advantage of significant manufacturing equipment tax credits.  Now, Joe is ecstatic that he’s receiving nearly $275K in corporate income tax refunds from prior years PLUS additional tax savings over the next 5 years.  This is a direct result of your expertise.  Often times, clients don’t know the right questions to ask, or know what information to tell you.

E-newsletters show how valuable your firm can be to current and prospective clients

Now imagine that Joe attends a manufacturing trade show.  He’s talking with other people in his industry and brags about he generated significantly higher net margins over the last year:

“I met with this great accounting firm that was able to cut my company’s tax bill in half!”


“Did you realize that some equipment purchases qualify for additional tax credits?  I didn’t until my new accounting firm showed me how.”

“What’s the name of tax firm?”

“Let me send their latest newsletter I just received.  It talks about how manufacturing companies might be missing out on important tax credits.”

E-newsletters speed up the process of word of mouth referrals.

Before you know it, prospective clients are calling you.  Sounds nice, huh?

Showcase your expertise through a customized e-newsletter.  It’s a low-pressure approach to “sell” your services while reaching a large audience on a consistent basis.  And the best part, you have a full pipeline of work.  Then you can do what you do best…. give your (now) numerous clients the best quality service you can.

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