The easy solution to address and solve your marketing needs...Case Studies.

Case studies are THE most requested and used type of written marketing communications. And it’s no surprise. When written well, case studies:

  • Grab your prospects attention. People love stories especially when they speak about their own personal situation. By grabbing the prospects attention, they are more likely to become engaged with your company.
  • Are excellent credibility builders. As the old saying goes, “show, don’t tell.” If your customer had a great experience, you want as many people to hear about it as possible. Prospects are more receptive to what you have to say knowing your product or service has a great track record.
  • Are versatile. While they can stand alone as a separate marketing piece, they can be combined with other marketing communications. This means case studies can be extremely cost effective over time.

For these reasons, they are the most efficient way to capture new leads, invigorate old leads, and accelerate the overall sales cycle for your company.

Why me?

I specialize in the B2B and Financial Services industry so you don’t waste your time with a writer who needs to “catch up” with the conversation.

Not only do I have 8 years in the financial industry, I spent the bulk of my time communicating complex financial transactions to the top decision makers. Between preparing monthly management discussion briefs and translating financial information, I became the 'liaison' between numbers and words.

After spending the last 2 years involved on the buyer side, I realized the lack of quality written communications.

Combined with the explosion in content marketing in the last decade, I am capitalizing on the obvious need for strong, well-written marketing communications for B2B companies.

If your company can benefit from professional case studies, go to the Contact Page or email/call me directly.