Blog Posts and Articles...Still one of the best ways to build authority

There's always going to be the newest marketing fad.  The latest and greatest method that's changing the future of how we do business.  But it still can't beat genuine credibility and trust building that web site content can deliver.

By using blogs posts and articles, create a hub that your clients and prospects can refer.  In their minds, you become the authority.  The go to source of real information.  The point isn't to sell anything.  The goal is to provide consistent, reliable communication.

When prospects reach out for your expertise, they will more likely become paid clients.  Very little 'sellling' is needed at this stage of the discussion.  They already know what you do and what you can provide.

Why me?

I specialize in the B2B and Financial Services industry so you don’t waste your time with a writer who needs to “catch up” with the conversation.

Not only do I have 8 years in the financial industry, I spent the bulk of my time communicating complex financial transactions to the top decision makers. Between preparing monthly management discussion briefs and translating financial information, I became the 'liaison' between numbers and words.

After spending the last 2 years involved on the buyer side, I realized the lack of quality written communications.

Combined with the explosion in content marketing in the last decade, I am capitalizing on the obvious need for strong, well-written marketing communications for B2B companies.

If your company can benefit from more blog and article content, go to the Contact Page or email/call me directly.