Born with a love of anything finance, Beau likes to spend his spare time researching currencies, collecting gold coins and studying anything related to money.  When he isn’t being mistaken for Ashton Kutcher, Beau likes to spend his time organizing his life, trying out new whiskies and avoiding haircuts.

He counts his extensive and ongoing travel throughout the world as one of his proudest achievements and loves the challenge of new customs, people and places. In college he majored in Spanish with a minor in Japanese.  As an unlikely compliment, he went back for his Masters in Finance and Accounting.

He and his wife currently live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world Vancouver, BC.  Leisure activities include planning the next world travel destination.  When they aren’t hoofing it around town they dream about building a shipping container house in the forests of Canada complete with a bunker and a treehouse. While their family would love it if they settled down, they are determined to do exactly the opposite.

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